Our Process

Our process after initial contact involves speaking to each party individually for a preliminary mediation consult. During this consult we will determine the suitability of mediation. If mediation is suitable, mediation sessions will be booked, where parties begin to explore and gain insight to each other’s concerns and hopes separately. This can help to open the lines of communication and to facilitate the parties to come to a resolution independent of the courts.

  • Step 1 – After first contact we will determine if your situation is suitable for mediation
  • Step 2 – Our mediators will prepare each party individually for mediation
  • Step 3 – We assist with potential options and dialogue between parties
  • Step 4 – Find a resolution that is agreeable
  • Step 5 – Prepare a strategy for resolution and apply it
  • Step 6 – Assessment after implementation of resolutions

Our role as mediator is to guide you to a suitable outcome for your dispute. We mediate to reveal the true depth of issues, understand of motivations, and support each party to come to an agreeable outcome together.

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