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Parenting, child and separation mediation and dispute resolution

Every family situation is different and complex, and family disputes can be stressful for both parents and children involved. A variety of interpersonal relationships require a mediator with extensive mediation and negotiation skills, with experience in finding positive outcomes.

Where there are children involved, it’s especially important to have a mediator on board that will account for the child’s needs and understand how the potential resolution may affect the child at each stage of childhood development. Our main approach to any discussion related to children is to promote positive, parallel parenting and effective communication.

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Property and finances after separation and divorce without any court involvement is possible through mediation. Property mediation aims to minimise time delays and help you become financially independent. Our aim is to simplify these highly complex situations to achieve outcomes that you can live with.

Family dispute mediation services:

  1. Financial agreements
  2. Family separation cases
  3. Custody and parenting plans
  4. Child abduction cases
  5. Cross-border negotiation
  6. Divorce, defacto and separation mediation
  7. Relationship breakdown
  8. Lawyer assisted mediation

An independent third party such as a family dispute mediator can provide insight into a situation that seems impossible to resolve. Insight Dispute Resolution can assist the parties involved to come to an agreement that is suitable within the circumstances at hand.

Children and mediation

Insight Dispute Resolution are Perth’s leading child abduction and child relocation mediators. Where a family is considering relocating outside of the original family arrangement, or where persons within the family, including children, have already been relocated, mediation can assist if conflict occurs. Family mediation is useful to reach suitable care agreements for the child or children involved independently of the family court.

It’s imperative that the child’s best interests are at the forefront of any decisions between guardians.Parents need to be able to communicate with each other, be considerate of a difference of opinion, and make decisions together. Custody can be a delicate process to navigate, however Insight Dispute Resolution is here to assist in opening dialogue and providing parents with tools to make the necessary decisions regarding their children.

Our services for mediation involving children include child-focused sessions which involve the guardians only, and child-inclusive mediation where our mediators work with the child. This type of mediation is helpful to gain feedback and insight from the child, and allow them to have a voice in the decision-making process.

We aim to build a safe environment for the child, and permission from all parties is required before mediation can proceed. The child’s privacy is always respected and safety is paramount.

Lawyer-assisted mediation

If you want to settle your family dispute with minimal fuss, mediation can assist to minimise the time spent in court, or eliminate it completely. Insight Dispute Resolution works with lawyers and legal professionals in order to allow clients to settle their family disputes quickly. This process involves working with legal representatives, the mediator, and the family members involved to reach an agreeable resolution for all parties.