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Marriage and de facto mediation is a practical alternative for couples who wish to stay together and work on resolving disputes within their relationship. Constructive resolutions can be found through martial and partner mediation by an impartial mediator.

What is marriage and de facto mediation?

Many couples are committed to trying to work through issues and have often already tried therapy. Our mediators help the parties to become creative problem solvers and generate practical and realistic solutions to help promote a healthier relationship.

A healthier relationship could be an improvement on communication pathways, how to jointly make financial or parenting decisions, and to create direction for the relationship. Sometimes the only reason for the breakdown of a relationship is simply being unable to communicate and find a resolution to a particular issue. Find a resolution through mediation can keep the partnership together, and often means keeping the family unit together also.

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At the end of the marriage or de facto mediation the mediator will develop a concrete plan or code of conduct agreement to which the parties will mutually agree to follow. This will address their relational conflict and help them move forward from their issues. This agreement is verbal or is a written document called a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Why choose mediation rather than therapy?

Mediation and therapy are different methods which couples use to find resolutions to their conflicts or to work through ongoing difficulties. However, these two processes are not mutually exclusive and part of a mediation agreement for example can sometimes include therapy sessions also.

Marriage and de facto mediation follows a more structured format and is practically-based. It looks to the future when seeking resolutions rather than revisiting the past. A mediator uses dispute resolution techniques to assist the parties to develop constructive communication and a deeper understanding of their own issues and conflicts.

The mediation process helps them realise their own solutions to the conflict by giving them the tools to do so. The process not only assists parties in gaining perspective as to how their level of engagement and communication styles impacts on the other, but to also gain an understanding of their triggers for ineffective communication.

Perth marriage and de facto mediation

Couples often find that through marriage and de facto mediation they are able to find new lines of communication with each other, negotiate with each other to find compromise in difficult circumstances, and move forward with life decisions.

If you’d like further information orto engage marriage or de facto mediation to assist the process of resolution in your relationship, contact us at Insight Dispute Resolution today on 0423 826 222. Mediated resolutions are more likely to be followed through and are more sustainable.