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Employees are at the heart of every business. If there is tension, conflict, or difference of opinion within your workplace and amongst employees, this can impact on your reputation and your business success. Positive workplace dynamics equal productivity and can be reflected in happy customers and profits. Therefore, workplace disputes should be dealt with quickly in order to allow the business to flourish.

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Our mediators can assist your workplace with:

  1. Workplace culture analysis to identify areas for improvement and outline cultural standards
  2. Maintaining healthy working environments
  3. Restoring working relationships where there has been conflict in the past
  4. Eliminating workplace harassment, bullying, and conflict
  5. Resolving and managing a difference of opinion between employees
  6. Human Resources support and management
  7. Disciplinary and employee complaint procedures
  8. Performance management and associated issues of absence, victimisation and accusation
  9. Interpersonal disputes within senior management
  10. Conflict coaching for management and employees
  11. Workplace mediation and dispute resolution consulting

We work with HR managers, key management staff, and trade unions to step in at any stage of workplace dispute including prior-to, during the dispute, and also post-dispute to follow up on resolutions. We can provide you with reports on mediation within your workplace and services provided. Our workplace mediation can occur on-site or off-site at our dedicated and comfortable offices in East Perth. Open the lines of communication in your workplace today.