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When children are involved post-separation, it’s very important to ensure that the resolution between parents or guardians is suitable for them also. By participating in child inclusive mediation, the child’s developmental stage and personal needs will be taken into account and a more ideal parenting agreement that focuses on the child can be prepared.

Child inclusive mediation in Perth

Child inclusive mediation works to find agreeable care arrangements for children independently of the family court. Through clear communication, cooperation, and consideration of a difference of opinion, parents can find a way work together via mediation.

Child inclusive mediation involves our mediators sitting down and working with the child one on one. This process allows us to gain feedback from the child, insight into their views, understand their needs, and provide them with a platform to voice their opinion and preferences. Mediation can help parents come to an agreement which ultimately suits them as well as the child, resulting in a child that feels acknowledged and happy, and a plan that is sustainable in the long term.

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Child consultants at Insight Dispute Resolution

Our mediators and child consultants work with the child, providing a safe space for them to open up. Of course permission must be granted by both carers and the child before proceeding with mediation. We also always work with complete respect for the child’s privacy and security.

Our process involves meeting with parents first, and then the child. We will listen to the child and interview them appropriately and effectively for feedback and views, we also ensure to educate them on the process of mediation and counselling so as they feel comfortable.

Following meeting with the child, we will meet with both parents jointly or separately to provide confidential feedback on the child’s session. This information is used to help prepare parenting plans and provide resolutions to those involved.

Our child consultants work towards:

  1. Dispute resolution
  2. Gaining understanding
  3. Protecting the interests of the child
  4. Creating a practical parenting care plan

Why use a Child Consultant?

A Child Consultant can assist parents to gain important insight into their child’s thoughts and feelings. They can also lead the parents down the pathway for understanding how they are contributing to conflict themselves, and how to ultimately resolve this.

Sessions with a Child Consultant aim to give the parents the tools to become more understanding and forgiving towards each other, as well as encourages an alliance that is in the child’s best interest.

Benefits of using a Child Consultant include:

  1. To gain an impression of the child’s experience with conflict and separation issues
  2. Provide tools to the child to best communicate their feelings and needs to parents or carers
  3. Provide an open forum for discussion with the child and an impartial view
  4. Facilitate communication between the child and the adults involved
  5. Provide a way to include the child in decision making for the future arrangements following separation
  6. Provide support for the child to ensure their emotional wellbeing and security
  7. Assess the risks within the child’s environment and life to protect them

If you’d like further information about child inclusive mediation or want to engage our Child Consultants to assist in mediation, contact us at Insight Dispute Resolution today on 0423 826 222. Mediated resolutions are more likely to be followed through and are more sustainable.